MagicBrush-Photo 1.1.5

Add your own effects and layers to your pictures

MagicBrush-Photo is an application to quickly add your layers and effects to a picture. View full description


  • Handles all image formats
  • Toggle layers in drawer


  • Need to import your own effects and layers
  • Eight different brushes, but only shapes not styles

Not bad

MagicBrush-Photo is an application to quickly add your layers and effects to a picture.

Don't expect an advanced image editing tool like Photoshop, replete with layers and effects. With MagicBrush-Photo you're expected to bring your own, with the application giving you the environment to apply them quickly and effortlessly. A drawer on the left side of the window shows all your layers and you can add or remove them thanks to the plus and minus buttons. The program is compatible with any image format including RAW.

MagicBrush-Photo includes eight different brush shapes, which you can soften and adjust to your needs. Customize your own brushes and save them into the application. MagicBrush-Photo lacks other brush styles like pencil or airbrush, which could have come in handy. The application includes a simple crop tool to readjust your pictures in a snap.

Anybody looking for an advanced image editing program will be disappointed with MagicBrush-Photo. We only recommend using it if you have a large library of effects and layers. You'll be able to handpick the ones you need and apply them in a snap.

Despite looking like a weak image editing tool, MagicBrush-Photo actually lets you quickly add your own effects and layers to your pictures.

With Macs, we expect simple things to be simple, and difficult things to be possible. MagicBrush-Photo lives up to that expectation by creating a new metaphor for image editing. Instead of worrying about historiograms and color profiles you can focus on applying pixel-precise effects and corrections to your photos. With MagicBrush-Photo, you simply create a change, "dip" your virtual brush into it, and paint it onto your original image.

Key Features of MagicBrush-Photo:

  • Easy to use editing
  • GPU Accelerated through Core Image
  • Layer based for non-destructive editing
  • Layer based compositing models for spectacular effects
  • Edit any image format supported by Mac OS X, including RAW
  • Over 50 built-in filters that you can bundle to create your effects
  • Save frequently used effects so you never have to remember those "just-so" settings
  • Share your favorite effects with other users
  • Create editable type layer to add text to your images
  • Cropping tool to adjust your final image size and proportions
  • Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) ready



MagicBrush-Photo 1.1.5